Our Replacement Guarantees

In the first instance if there are any initial settling in anxieties, these can be discussed and worked through. We have lots of experience helping au pairs settle and overcome issues such as cultural shock and home sickness.

1st Choice Au Pairs offers an au pair replacement. This covers any situation where the au pair decides to move on, or where the host family decide they are not a suitable match and wish to begin with a different au pair instead.

If the host family wish to replace their au pair, we require written notification requesting a replacement and the reason for the request within the first 28 days. We will then embark on a new search to identify candidates for consideration as suitable replacements. No additional fee will be made on the understanding that there is no change or deviation from the original requirements set out in the Family Registration Form.

28 days after the written notification of replacement, if we have been unable to offer: -

  • at least 2 candidates meeting family's basic requirements (defined during initial search process)
  • willing to commence work for the family within 28 days of the family's written request for replacement

then the family have a choice of waiting further for another suitable candidate, or to request a refund. All requests for refunds need to be made in writing, and a full refund will be made within 7 days less £95 to cover some of the administration costs to that point.

Refunds can not be paid where a candidate meets the family's basic requirements but the family does not want to consider them.

If a host family decides after hosting one of our candidates that an au pair is not the right solution for them and do not wish to carry on hosting with anyone else, then no refund will be given.

Our Silver and Gold Replacement Guarantee

With clients who take the Silver or Gold service option, then our replacement guarantee period is 28 days from the agreed arrival date of the au pair.

Our Gold Plus Replacement Guarantee

With clients who take the Gold Plus service option, then our replacement guarantee period is 60 days from the agreed arrival date of the au pair.

Our Diamond Replacement Guarantee

With clients who take the Diamond service option, then our replacement guarantee period is 90 days from the agreed arrival date of the au pair.

Chemistry, Intangible reasons for early termination of a placement

We operate a no quibble replacement replacement policy. Where a host family wish to terminate the placement because of 'chemistry' i.e. the family and/or au pair feel the engagement just isn't working due to personality differences, then we will provide a replacement au pair. The conditions for qualifying for a free replacement is that the au pair is given a minimum of 2 weeks notice (or longer if written into the invitation letter), and allowed to remain in position on full pay (in exchange for her agreed au pair duties) for the notice period or if agreed until the replacement au pair arrives.

If this is not convenient for you and you wish the au pair to leave sooner, a replacement will be provided providing the au pair is given a minimum of 2 weeks pay (or the agreed notice period from her letter of invitation), the costs covered for her to get to the airport, and the additional cost of travel home immediately (the difference in travel costs between that of immediate travel compared to that of buying a flight home with the full two weeks notice of travel).

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