Au Pair Placement Process

Our ongoing and comprehensive au pair search and screening process always gives families a good choice of candidates to choose from. In order to find the right au pair for your family, we guide you through one of our matching and placement processes.

Different ways of matching

Some families want us to use our knowledge of each candidate to recommend a short list of au pairs to consider. Other families enjoy looking through each of the au pair profiles themselves to come up with initial favourites. Whichever way you prefer, we can work with you to meet your preferred style.

Let us short-list for you

Many families use an au pair agency to make the process easier, so if you trust our judgement we can filter out those candidates who don't meet your basic or extended requirements and just present you with au pairs who have a tick in all the right boxes, and have already expressed an interest in your family

In order to do this, we will need to obtain detailed background information about your family, where you live and the role you have on offer. We collect this information using our on-line or hard copy registration documents as well as a face-to-face meeting or extended telephone discussion.

We 'lock out' the candidates we send to you so that at this point no other families will be given their information. This gives you the opportunity to make telephone calls to each of them and make a decision.

Total Choice Approach

If you take this approach you can look through as many of our available candidates as you want. The only requisite is that you register a few brief details with us so we can allow you access to more detailed information about each candidate. There is a £50 registration deposit.

When you have found one or more candidates that you wish to speak to, we contact them to make sure the feeling is mutual and they want to talk to you. If so we send through you their contact information. When you are confident you have the right au pair you then invite them (we help by preparing the invitation letter for you), and once the au pair accepts your offer and agrees to come then the balance of the fee is due.

How the placement process works

Au Pair Information Provided

You will be sent the full detailed information for each of your short-listed au pair candidates. This will include references, supporting documents (identity, education, medical, police check etc.), photographs and their 'Dear Family' letter. We are on hand to answer any queries you may have, and if you wish to interview the candidate yourself by telephone then we liaise with both of you to organise the best time for you to call them.

Telephone Interview

You conduct a telephone interview with each au pair on your short-list. We have alread interviewed them thoroughly so this is the opporunity to do two things - first to provide more information about your job to make it attractive for them, and secondly to probe them for more information in any particuar area that may be of focus for your family. We have comprehensive advice sheets about phone interviews that you can download here.

Feedback and invitation decision

After speaking with each au pair candidate you can feedback your thoughts to us and raise any points for us to clarify. Sometimes you may decide you want to call them a second time and we encourage this. You may want to move on to talk to other crop of candidates until you decide you are happy to invite someone. The final decision to invite an au pair always rests with the family.


Once you have chosen someone then we communicate this verbally to the au pair and check that they are willling to accept your invitation. If this is the case then we remove their profile so they are not available for other families to consider. We then compile a letter of invitation on your behalf that will be used to formally invite the au pair. We send the draft letter for you to review, edit as necessary and approve. This letter is then sent to the au pair and copies kept by the au pair, host familiy and us the agency. This document forms the basis of the agreement between host family and au pair and is important. It is the formal statement of work, and any changes in hours, duties, pay etc once the au pair has been invited need to be added to this reference and copies redistributed.

Different ways of paying

We know some families don't want to be tied to one agency and dislike paying any upfront fees so we offer a no obligation process where the fee isn't paid until the au pair accepts your invitation.

We do like to encourage families to stick with us over a long term period, so we offer a discount for using our registration deposit approach.

Finally we know that some families prefer to pay their fees over a long term period, so we offer a regular monthly payment scheme to cater for this.

See this page that describes our different au pair placement fee packages.

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