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If you are a family you will usually speak with Jay at some stage of the process. Most of our families get to know one or two other members of our team though, and may work with Ramona as their main point of contact. If you are an old family you may remember someone who was with usin the UK before. We keep in touch with almost all of our old hands and one or two of them still help us in their home countries when we are travelling away from the UK office to one of our events.

Our Team


picture of Jay

Having lived and worked in the USA and various European countries, Jay has a passion for travel and is a great advocate for the opportunities it can bring. Jay worked for 20 years in the high tech world of Telecoms, and has also worked as an independent business consultant - including most recently consulting for a national provider of Children's Homes and Residential Schools. Jay decided to use his knowledge of new technology and change management experience to reinvent this service business from scratch and so 1st Choice Au Pairs was born.


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Theresa is a qualified registered general nurse and mother of three children. Nursing has meant early, late and night shifts, and Theresa has managed to juggle work and home life with the help of all of our au pairs. She can be found in the office a couple of days every week, and is always available to help with family visits.If we have a request for companion positions, it is usually Theresa who assesses personal care requirements.


picture of Michael

Mike has been providing his services to the agency since the very first overseas event week in May 2004. Mike is a member of the British Psychological Society and has a Masters degree in Psychology. He has worked with many businesses over the course of the last 20 years, working as an evaluator of training requirements and providing leadership and management training.


picture of Mihaela

Mihaela has much varied experience and has worked in journalism, sales and office management. She has a degree in Philosophy-Sociology from the university of Craiova. Mihaela helps support events across the south of Romania.


picture of Gordana

Gordana has recently graduated with a degree in English and Romanian and lives in the city of Timisoara in the west of Romania. As well as English and Romanian,she is fluent in Spanish and Serbian. Gordana supports us at different registration in Romania.

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