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Basic Information:

Valentina is a 26 year-old Romanian girl from Sibiu, a city in Transylvania in the central part of Romania. She graduated university with a degree in International Studies. Valentina was working on the front desk for a bank but finished this job in January. She is available to come to the UK straight away.

Valentina is interested in coming to the UK for a cultural experience. She likes travelling and would love the opportunity to come to a different country.

Valentina likes good music (Michael Jackson & Madonna especially), good movies (feel good films rather than horror or thrillers), doesn’t have much time for TV but prefers programs like animal planet, discovery channel etc. She likes going for walks & the mountains. She likes dancing – modern dance in a dance troupe or in the gym but she doesn’t often get a chance to go. She likes to go out with friends once or twice a week to have a soda. She also likes cycling, running in the park & fitness. She can’t swim.

She is a social/occasional smoker but commits that she wouldn’t smoke in the home or in front of the children She is allergic to dust.

Childcare Experience:

Valentina parents had 5 brothers and sisters in Galati as her family originally came from there in the east of Romania. She used to spend most summers there and was often left helping out with her younger cousins. All the children would stay with the same Aunt and Uncle during the days, and they did have children who were older than Valentina but she would still help out with all the younger children. In her university summer holidays she took care of Alicia, who was 2 years old. Valentiona’s older sister is a good friend of Alicia’s Mother. They live in Hunedoara and Valentina spent the summer of 2007 there because she was available all the time. She’d play with her, talk to her and read stories, feed her meals and put her to bed. This was for a few times every week and at the weekends too during June, July & August. She also had another friend called Camelia who had a baby boy of 6 months (Raresh). She often helps her friend to take care of him.

Language skills:

Valentina’s English is very good and we were able to have a good conversation. She also speaks intermediate Spanish & Italian and French (Beginner).


Valentina is prepared to care for children of any age, to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), laundry, ironing and cooking for the children. She says she would be very patient with the cleaning.


Valentina thinks her friends would say that she is very organized, loves to make things tidy and organized, meticulous, honest & fair person, responsible, sincere, communicative, big ambitions, she likes to do things from the beginning to the end (doesn’t like unfinished jobs) and with strong faith. She attends church a few times a month. When asked if she has a weakness she says that she may be emotional if someone shouts at her. Also she sometimes trusts in other people too much.


Valentina does a lot of cooking – both Romanian dishes as well as Italian. She prefers vegetables, fruit & fish. She doesn’t eat much meat, and prefers grilled over fried food. She loves salads, pasta & soups. She is open to new types of cuisine, likes spicy food but probably wouldn’t like to eat too much.


Valentina has passed her driving test but only drives a few times a year.


Valentina has lived in Sibiu since she was 18. She currently shares with a friend in an apartment. Her family are from Galati a few hundred miles away. She also owns her own flat in Hunedoara that used to belong to her parents. Her Father works as an administrator and her Mother is now retired and used to work in a shoe factory. She has one older sister (28) who is married but doesn’t have children yet.


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