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Basic Information:

Timea is a 23 year-old Romanian girl from Cluj Napoca, a city in Romania. She graduated the Faculty of Economics in 2008 specialising in Informatics. She hasn't taken her diploma yet because she has her final exam to do. She is currently unemployed.

She wants to be an au pair because she thinks the au pair programme will offer her many opportunities to improve her future. Beside the fact that is a new experience, she will also improve her English skills. She also said that she likes children and likes playing with them.

Timea likes listening to music, cooking, camping. She spends a lot of time in front of the computer creating different websites and trying different things. She also likes craftwork - she creates earrings, bracelets, etc.

She used to smoke, but now she is smoking only when she goes out.

Childcare Experience:

Timea used to visit her Grandmother every summer and her duty when she was there was to look after her cousins. She has 5 cousins. One of her uncle has 3 girls and the other one has 2 boys. She spent more time with the boys as they lived for 2 years with her Grandmother. The boys were 1 and a half year old and 2 and a half year old. They needed a lot of attention and she had to be careful so they get hurt. She had to prepare their meal, go out and play with them. She had to put them to sleep in the afternoon, but they didn't want. She had to pretend that she was sleeping with them and that's how she managed to convince them that they have to sleep. She is also looking after them now - occasionally- but mainly playing with them as they are now 11 years old. She thinks that looking after children is a great responsibility and she learnt from this experience that she needs to be careful, responsible and that you need to make the child to be your best friend.

English Skills:

Her English was good and we had an interesting conversation.

Other languages:

She also speaks Hungarian (mother tongue), German (medium) and Spanish (beginner).


Timea is prepared to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), shopping (Food, Groceries), care for babies, children or older children, washing, ironing and cooking for children.


Timea considers that she is friendly, tidy, selfless, optimist. She thinks that she is shy at the beginning and that when she is with new people she is not the most popular, she likes to observe and only after that to say her opinion. She thinks she will get used with living with a different family in only one week. She thinks her biggest defect is that she is not punctual.

Eating Habits:

Timea usually eats anything, but she doesn't like soups very much. She doesn't like very spicy food.


Timea has not passed her driving test.


She lives with her Mother, her Father and her Sister. Her Mum is 47 years old and works in a supermarket. Her Father is 53 and is a turner. Her sister is 19 years old and is a student.

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