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Basic Information:

Monica is a 38 year-old Romanian woman from Targoviste. She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics in Bucharest. She has a Masters degree in tourism (obtaining it in 2009). Monica is a Mathematics teacher for 14 years at the same high school. She is married and has no children.

She wants to be an au pair because she would like to improve her English skills and to try to be a teacher in England in one or two years. She has worked with children for many years and thinks that being an au pair is a good opportunity to get to know how children are brought up in the UK and to try to prepare for a future career in the UK.

Monica enjoys reading and listening to music, playing sports (aerobics, badminton, tennis and basketball) and surfing the web. She likes spending time with her 2 dogs. She is attending a First Aid Course organised by the Red Cross and will graduate in December 2009.

She would like to be placed in a city because she likes having different places to go when she is off duty

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

She has been a Mathematics teacher since 1995. Her students are aged between 14 to 19 years old. They would say about her that she is very close to them and that she helps them with different problems that they have even if they are not related to school. She was with her husband in France in 2007 and looked after her nephew, Marco during the summer holiday. She took/pick him up from the kindergarten, played with him and took him to the park. The boy was 5 years old. She also works as a volunteer in a kindergarten as a pre-school teacher. She works there from Monday to Thursday. She has different activities with children. She teaches them Maths and how to read. She also organises different games (memory games, rational thinking games) or takes them to museums or expositions. She played tennis as a professional at a competitive level for 11 years when she was younger so she is able to teach children tennis if they want to learn.

English Skills:

Monica's English is very good. She studied it for 4 years gaining an EFL certificate from a language academy in 2007

Other Languages:

Her native language is Romanian. She also speaks French at a basic level.


Monica is prepared to care for children and undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), laundry & ironing, shopping (food/groceries), cooking for children and for the family, driving and caring for pets.


Monica describes herself as calm, correct, ambitious, sociable, organizer, motivated, responsible and positive attitude.

Eating Preferences

Monica has been to the UK before and says she enjoys cottage pie, roast chicken and other types of food that English people eat. Because of her religion, she doesn’t eat pork and rabbit meat. She doesn’t drink alcohol at all.


Monica passed her driving test in November 1991 and drives daily.


Monica's parents are both 70 years old. Her Mum is a French and Romanian teacher and her Father is a Geography teacher. She lives with her husband and her Mum in Targoviste. They have two dogs – a German and Romanian Shepherd.


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