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Mihaela J

Basic Information:

Mihaela is 26 year-old Romanian girl from a village called Zabalt, in the county of Arad, in the western part of Romania. In 2007 she graduated from the Faculty of Psychology. She worked for 2 years in an office where she had to analyse tests for people who'd applied for a driving license.

She would like to be an au pair because she would like to work with children, to improve her English and to know a different way of life. Mihaela is a qualified teacher and can work with children over 14 years old. She is available asap.

Mihaela likes cycling, travelling, listening to music, swimming, gardening, reading poetry and cooking. She is available from January 2011.

She is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

She looked after a 2 year old girl for over 1 year because her Mum had an accident and lost her hand. She spent several hours a day with the girl, fed her, changed and bath her, played with her, etc. She also looked after her neighbour's children aged 2 and 4. She stayed with them several hours a day and helps their parents with all they need. She had to do some practice for her University, so she taught children in different high schools.

Language Skills:

Her English is medium; she understood my questions, but found it hard to express in English complex ideas. Her Mother tongue is Romanian and she also speaks basic French.


She is used to living in a village and doing housework, cooking and other handiwork (such as feeding animals, chopping wood, etc). Mihaela is prepared to care for children, shopping (Food, Groceries), light housework, washing, ironing, driving and cooking for children.


Mihaela considers that she is is calm, tolerant, flexible, friendly, co-operative, positive, neat and tidy.


She prefers eating rice, potatoes, cheese and fruits. She tries not to eat meat too much.


Mihaela passed her driving test this year and she drives once or twice a week. She would like to drive in UK, but she would like to have some hours with someone that will explain to her the differences in driving on the other side of the road.


She lives with her parents in a village. Her Mum is 44 years old and is a worker. Her Father is 52 years old and is a woodsman. She has a 24 year old sister who lives in a nearby city called Timisoara.


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