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Melania B

Basic Information:

Melania is a 27 year-old Romanian girl from the town of Pitesti. She is currently working as a Music teacher in a school from Curtea de Arges. She has three years of teaching experience with children aged between 11 and 15 years old. She lives by herself in a rented one room apartment.

She graduated from the University of Pitesti and she specialised in Music & Pedagogy. Melania studied violin for 14 years and piano for 8 years. Her biggest passion is music and every Sunday she plays in a church choir.

In 2006 she spent 3 months in the US through the Work & Travel programme. She used to work in a McDonalds and also in a restaurant washing dishes. She said that working and living in the US was a great experience because she had the opportunity to meet lots of people from different countries and cultures and to experience a new way of life.

She likes practising different sports (jogging, badminton, volleyball, handball), gardening, walking in the park and going out with her friends whenever they invite her.

She is available for placement from the 20th of June.

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Melania comes from a big family. She has 3 nieces (16, 14 and 10 now) and 2 nephews (both are 12 now) and she helped her brothers and sister to take care of them. She used to babysit for her nephews and nieces from the day they were born and she still does it now too. She got involved in all the activities of their lives: she fed them, bathed them, cooked for them, played with them, cared for them while their parents were at work, etc. With her youngest niece she has a special relationship. The little girl is very attached with Melania and calls her every day to talk to her. In one summer holiday, Melania also used to work for a family taking care of their 2 boys (Andrei – 1 year and Bogdan – 8 years). Every weekday from 8 am until 5 pm she was babysitting the boys while their parents were at work. She used to change Andrei’s nappies, feed him, bath him, play with him and also help Bogdan with his homework. Sometimes she was also babysitting on weekends.

English Skills:

Her English is good. The period she spent in the US helped her to improve her language skills. She also speaks medium French and basic Italian.


Melania is prepared to care for children, disabled children or for elderly, to do laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for children, shopping for groceries, handiwork, gardening and driving.


Melania is a happy person, responsible and realistic. Her friends would describe her as funny and a good companion. Her worse quality is that she tends to act following her instincts too much and sometimes makes mistakes.


Melania likes almost all types of food. She prefers to always try new dishes especially the ones cooked by her mother. She cooks once or twice per week, mostly traditional Romanian dishes.


Melania passed her driving test in 2009, but she haven’t drove since then.


Melania has a very big family. She’s the 7th of the family’s 9 children. Her father (73) is still working as an electronics engineer and her mother (64) is retired (she used to work as a nurse). Her oldest sister (43) has 2 girls and is working in a bank. She has 4 older brothers (37 – works in a bank; 35 – is a policeman and has a 12 years old boy; 33 – works in a restaurant and has a boy and a girl aged 12 and 10; 30 – works in a telecommunication company) and 2 younger brothers (26 – he’s currently unemployed and 22 – student at the Medical University from Bucharest).

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