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Manuela G

Basic Information:

Manuela is a 26 year-old Romanian girl from Georgita, a town in southern Romania. She graduated university of Craiova in 2008 - studying accounting. She worked 1 year in insurance, 3 years in financial administration for a car service company and 6 months as a medical sales agent (company car). She went to Italy in 2010 for 4 months but returned home in September. She's currently unemployed and available for placement right away.

She wants to come to the UK because she sees it as a great opportunity to know another culture, meet new people and to study English.

Manuela loves to read, watch movies, be outside with friends & go on trips. She likes rainy days. In Craiova she used to go to the park & walk a lot. At home she spends most time with her nieces. She prefers nature to going to bars & clubs. She loves dogs as they have 3 at home - a Labrador, Pekinese and a mongrel. She jogs once or twice a week.

She has never smoked and rarely drinks alcohol.

Childcare Experience:

Manuela has a sister called Denisa who is 7 years younger than she is. When Manuela was born, her mother and father spent over a year away from the main family home. Her father had just started a new position as a priest in a town 50Km away, and they were supervising the building of a new family home there. The two sisters stayed with other family and Manuela spent a lot of time caring for her baby sister. Since then she has often looked after her, and when Denisa was looking to start High School at the age of 15, it was a natural choice for her to move in with Manuela in another city, so that Deisa could attend a good school. Manuela and Denisa shared this small flat together for 4 years until Manuela left last year. Manuela also has two young nieces - Jasmina (23) and Corina (1) and they live 5km from Georgita. Their Father, Manuela's brother runs two stores, often brings the girls over to stay in the Grandparents house, and over the last year Manuela is used to looking after them regularly every week. She feeds them, changes nappies and is used to bathing them. Two years ago when she lived in Craiova, she helped a girl called Maria who was then 1 year old. She took care of her for 7 months from 8am throughout the day. She was paid for this role.

Language Skills:

Her English is intermediate but we enjoyed an easy conversation and she understands almost everything. She also speaks her native Romanian, Spanish at lower-intermediate level and basic French & Italian.


Manuela is prepared to care for children, do laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for children, shopping for groceries, caring for pets and driving. She can cook but not that well - she like to bakes cookies. She's used to housework as she lived away by herself and with her younger sister for many years so is used to cleaning, laundry and fending for herself.


Manuela friends would say she very sociable, patient and a serious girl. She said she was nervous at the interview but she is very communicative so it wasn't noticeable. She says her weakest quality is that she can be a little stubborn with her own family if she thinks she is right about something then it is difficult for her family to change her opinions.


Manuela enjoys eating almost everything though doesn't like lamb. She's also not too keen on spicy food.


Manuela passed her driving test in December 2007. When she was a sales rep she used to drive 1,500 Km/month and drove a Ford Mondeo. She is a confident driver and now drives once or twice a week, using her Father's car but mainly her brother's car (Logan).


Manuela lives with her father who is a priest and her mother who doesn't work. She has a 30 year old brother who is married with two young daughters. She has a 19 year old sister who is a student in a different city.


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