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Basic Information:

Madalina is 22 year-old Romanian girl from Drobeta Turnu Severin, a city in the south of Romania. After graduating from high school she moved to Timisoara, where she found a job. She worked for 2 years in an Exchange Office doing primary accounting. Last summer she worked for 3 months in Antalya as a tour guide and after that she went in USA as au pair. In the present she studies Psychology at the Spiru Haret University (second year). She is available as soon as possible and has no preference for location.

She would like to be an au pair because she likes children and enjoys taking care of them and observing their personality. She thinks that being an au pair will be a great opportunity to improve her English, to meet new people and make friends, and also to find out more about British culture. She seems to be a determined and independent person and I think that it wouldn't be a problem for her to leave Romania and start living abroad.

Madalina enjoys sports like swimming, basketball, jogging. She likes spending time with her friends, camping and travelling. She considers that she is good at cutting hair and hopes to become a hair-stylist in the future.

She is a smoker. She accepted not to smoke in the house or in front of the children.

Childcare Experience:

When she was in USA as an au pair she took care of 4 children, one of them had a chronically disease. In 2006, during the summer holiday, she looked after her best friend's son (who was 8 years old then) almost every day when his parents were at work. Madalina also took care until last month of the daughter of her sister's colleague (single mother) who had to work from 8 to 17 o'clock.

Language Skills:

Her English level is good. She also speaks Spanish, Italian and Turkish (Basic).


Madalina is prepared to take care of children (she would prefer them to be between 4 and 10 years old), shopping (Food, Groceries), perform light housework, washing, ironing, cooking for children, gardening, driving, caring for pets and cooking for the family.


Madalina considers that she is open-minded, spontaneous and sociable; she likes to make jokes and make people laugh. Her friends consider her to be a good listener and a good adviser. Because she worked as a tour guide, she is friendly, sociable, bonds quickly with people and doesn't have problems living in a different country.

Eating Habits:

She enjoys eating most things and she doesn't have any food allergies. She doesn't like fish soup. One of Madalina's hobbies is cooking, she likes trying different recipes.


Madalina passed her driving test 3 years ago and she drives occasionally. She drove in Antalya and in USA and she would feel comfortable driving in UK.


Her parents divorced when she was 5 years old and for 4 years, she has a stepfather. Her mum is a doctor and his stepfather is a professor of Geography. They live in Drobeta Turnu Severin. Madalina lives in Timisoara with her sister, who is 26 years old and works in Sales. As Madalina says, their mother gives them advice, but she has always let them to make their own choices in life. They have always had the freedom they needed.


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