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Irina Mi

Basic Information:

Irina is 19 year-old Romanian girl from Bacau, a small city in Romania. She lives at home with her parents. She is available from the early/middle part of July once she has graduated from High school.

She would like to be an au pair in UK because she has found out about the program from her cousin who is also here with 1st Choice Au Pairs. She feels that it is just perfect for her because she is a very open-minded person and would love to have the experience of coming to another country. Her plan long term is to begin studying at university (possibly in the UK or another country) in September 2012 in Psychology.

Irina loves the outdoors. She is a member of an ecological organisation and she does a lot of things outside. She enjoys walking, camping and swimming. She prefers quieter places. She isn't very good with technology so much prefers playing outside to sitting on the computer.

She is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Irina has two younger cousins - Alexandra and Andreea, who are now aged 12 and 5 years respectively. She has always been very close to them from the time they were born, and throughout her teenage years she would always be the one to take care of them at least once or twice every week. They live just 10 or 15 minutes walk away in Bacau so very close to her. Her Aunt and Uncle were at work so she would look after Alexandra. She would need to ensure that Alexandra ate a meal at the right time and also play with her and keep her occupied. Irina would just feed her but wouldn't prepare the food from scratch - it was cooked in advance by her Aunt. She did this right up to this last year when she has been busy studying and Alexandra is now old enough to baby-sit for her own sister herself. She also used to look after the daughter of one of her neighbours. This girl (Isabella) is 10 now, and from 2005 until 2007, Irina used to look after her once a week when her parents were working. Isabella's Mum was a distributor of clothes and when she went to markets in other cities, then Irina would look after her for a few hours or sometimes 5 or 6 hours. It was generally in the afternoons, and she would pick her up from school, playing and drawing with her, feeding her, going to the playground and playing there with her.

Language Skills:

Apart from Irina's native Romanian, she studied English for 12 years (4 seriously) and she is quite advanced. She also speaks Spanish at almost the same level and French at a conversational intermediate level.


Irina is prepared to care for children or older children, shopping (Food, Groceries), light housework, laundry, ironing, cooking for children and driving.


Irina friends would say she is a very calm person. She never gets angry or into arguments. She is open and is always positive and optimistic. She would help her friends as much as possible to try to solve a problem if they asked her. She says her weakness is that she can get too involved with other people's problems (too sensitive). Her Mum would also say that occasionally she isn't very punctual. At interview Irina came across as a really exceptional candidate. She understands the values she has been taught from her own family. She feels she has an amazing family - they have taught her common sense, to respect other people around her, to be hard working, to be discrete and respectful and not to interfere in other people's business.


Irina likes almost everything. She also really enjoys spicy food. If she doesn't like something she would still eat it anyway because she was brought up to do that.


Irina obtained her driving license in July 2010 and drives once or twice a month. She admits she doesn't have that much experience.


Her mother and father both worked for the Romanian military in an administrative capacity. Her father is now retired but her mother is still busy working there. She has a 23 year old sister who studies away from home in Bucharest. Irina lives in her parent's flat in the city. They also have a country home, and now her father spends most of his time there and has dogs and rabbits. When her mother isn't working she goes to spend time there as well so often Irina is alone in the flat for the weekend.


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