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Irina B

Basic Information:

Irina is a 23 year-old Romanian girl from the city of Timisoara in western Romania. She has completed her degree studies but needs to complete a final examination to gain her licence/diploma. She does not intend to do this until at least 2013. Irina is available for placement right away.

She was a student of political science journalism at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Philosophy, Department of Journalism at the University of the West in Timisoara.

Irina is very passionate about reading and loves to read different types of books. She also likes to listen to music, go outdoors, roller skating and to drive her car.

She smokes but insists she wouldn't smoke in front of the children or in the house. She would try to give up if cigarettes are so expensive in the UK.

Childcare Experience:

Irina used to look after her cousin as well as other children who live locally in the same apartment block. Her cousin is now 9, but when he was only 2 years old, he came to stay with Irina and her Grand parents for 10 months (his parents were working away often) so she used to take a lot of care of him. After moving out, he still lived as a very close neighbour in her apartment building, so she sees a lot of him. She is very used to taking him out for walks to the park, feeding him and helping him with his homework. When she was younger - 17 & 18 years old, she regularly used to be asked to take care of many of the younger children in her apartment block and was used to baby-sitting them a couple of times every week.

Language Skills:

Her English is very advanced and we had a great conversation. Apart from her native Romanian, she also speaks Spanish to the same level as her English.


Irina is prepared to care for children, laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for the whole family, shopping for groceries, caring for pets, gardening and driving. She says she is a good chef and knows mainly how to cook Romanian food. She says her Grandmother still does most of the cooking though.


Irina friends would say she is a very sociable and outgoing person. She is a good listener and friend. She's there when she's needed and likes to help other people. She says her major fault is that she talks too much and can be too honest. She feels everyone is human and makes mistakes; the important thing is to learn from them. From an early age she learnt when you are wrong it is best to admit your errors and be responsible for your own actions.


Irina likes all types of food except spinach! She enjoys spicy food and has friends who cook different types of African recipes and she likes this style of cooking. She also likes Chinese food.


Irina has had a driving license since July 2008. She has her own car, an Opel Tigra for one year that she drives everyday. She is a very confident and enthusiastic driver and hasn't had any accidents or convictions. Before she used to drive her parent's car (Vectra) or when she had a boyfriend she used to drive his VW Golf car every day.


Her mother is a nurse. She has a step-father but Irina doesn't live at home with them; She's lived with her Grandparents from a very young age. They had a much bigger home and better for Irina when she was growing up. She used to have a very large dog.


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