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Gabriela P

Basic Information:

Gabriela is a 27 year-old girl from Targu Neamt. At the moment she lives in Iasi where she works as a consultant for a cosmetics company.

She studied at the University of Medicine in Iasi for three years, but for financial reasons she had to quit her studies. She would like to continue her studies someday and to specialise in legal medicine.

She is passionate about photography and she loves animals. At her house in Targu Neamt she has dogs, cats and birds. She also likes listening to music and spending quality time with her friends, cooking or watching a movie.

Gabriela can be placed from the beginning of June because meanwhile she is going to take some English lessons since her actual level is very basic.

She doesn't smoke.

Childcare Experience:

Every Friday Gabriela goes to the nursery where her mother works and she plays with the children. She also helps her friend from Targu Neamt with her 2 year-old girl. She visits her every week and she plays with her, feeds her, helps her get dressed, sometimes she takes her to kindergarten or picks her up. From time to time Gabriela spends the night at her friend's house and then she likes to sleep with the little girl and to tell her bedtime stories. When she is in Iasi she talks to the girl every evening on Skype.

Language Skills:

Her English is currently very basic. She speaks French and Spanish.


Gabriela is prepared to care for babies, children, disabled children or elderly, to do laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for the whole family, shopping for groceries, caring for pets and driving.


Gabriela is a sensitive and calm girl. She likes to help other people and prefers to avoid conflict. She loves spending time with children because they bring her joy and she feels very comfortable around them.


Gabriela likes to eat almost all types of food. She prefers to eat pasta, steaks and pancakes. She doesn't like omelettes and lamb meat. She enjoys cooking with her friends.


Gabriela has had a driving license since she was 18. She doesn't have her own car, but every week she drives her parent's car.


Her parents live in Targu Neamt. Her mother (55) is a nursery manager and her father (62) is retired, but he also works as a construction engineer in order to earn some extra money. Gabriela doesn't have brothers or sisters.


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