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Basic Information:

Gabriela is 26 year-old Romanian girl from Baia Sprie, a small town in the north of Romania. She has graduated from university in Biology and Food Industry. She is currently working as a quality control manager in a chocolate factory. She is available from the beginning of August.

She would like to be an au pair in UK because she has worked at the chocolate factory for 2 years. She has enough money to live by herself and she recently moved into her own apartment. She now feels she wants to have a different challenge and do something else, and because she loves children she thinks it is the right opportunity for her.

Gabriela lives in a town and works all day so when she is free she loves nothing more than going out for walks in the nature. She lives in a place very close to beautiful mountains so she likes to visit and walk in them. She packs some food and goes with friends for a picnic. She does this a lot to unwind from the stress of work. She goes to the cinema most Friday nights, some people would say that her hobby is work ' her parents would say she doesn't go home enough. I interviewed her in her work office from 7pm until 8:30pm in the evening.

She is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Gabriela comes from a large family, and has many cousins she took care of in adolescence. In 2007, over a seven month period for ~5 hours per day/6 days a week she took care of a young baby boy aged 8 months. The boy was one of her cousins, and her aunt and uncle asked her to help out because they were busy with building a clothing retail business. Gabriela was at university at the time and able to fit it around her schedule. She changed him, gave him a bath, fed him and played with him. She found the first two weeks a challenge because he used to cry for his mum each time she left, but Gabriela worked out which were his favourite books and things to do, and would also put music on and dance with him which he really enjoyed. From 2005 to 2010, about 3 times each week for 4 hours a week she was taking care of a little girl of 9 months - Calista (who's now 6). They would play and go out for walks together. This girl was the daughter of a teacher that the family knew, and she was doing extra tuition for students in the late afternoons and evenings. Gabriela became a big friend of the girl and still sees her every 2nd week. She takes the girl to theatre on Saturdays where they have children's performances. In the summer she also plays football in the park with her, in the winter they go outside and play in the snow. She regards her as a really good friend. Since she has a big family, then she has many other experiences looking after children of many different ages, but the above two were the main ones. She feels she can adapt to any age.

Language Skills:

Apart from Gabriela's native Romanian, she speaks Spanish at intermediate level, French - lower intermediate and basic Italian. She participated in an International school last year in Slovenia. Young people from many countries and backgrounds were working together to find different solutions to the problem of pollution.


Gabriela is prepared to care for babies, children or older children, shopping (Food, Groceries), light housework, laundry, ironing, cooking for children and driving. Housework is no problem. She used to be responsible for housework when she helped her uncle and aunt before.


Gabriela thinks her friends would say she is funny, devoted to her work and when she does something she sees it through to the end until it's done. She's spontaneous, likes to lead (after working at the chocolate factory for 9 months she was promoted to the position of quality control manager and has a team of 3 staff). She says her worst quality is that she's a workaholic. She has a boyfriend of 6 years but he runs his own motorcycle parts and accessories shop so he won't be coming to the UK. He supports her going though.


Gabriela likes all kinds of foods. Given the choice she prefers to eat spicy food and she likes meat. She doesn't have a problem to cook in the family but she would need to learn some recipes. With her work then she usually just does simple, quick dishes when she gets home.


Gabriela has her own 1992 Seat Ibiza, and she drives every day. She bought her car last year and she loves driving as it gives her a sense of freedom. She's had her licence for 3 years and before her own car, she used to drive her father's car - an Opel Astra.


Her Mum is at home and doesn't work. Her Father (50) used to work in mining but at the moment he is living in Germany and sells fish and chips in a theme park. She has a younger sister who is 22 and away in another city at university studying medical care (for nursing). Gabriela lives by herself in an apartment - she's been living there for 2 months.


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