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Elena M

Basic Information:

Elena is a 26 year-old Romanian girl from Timisoara, a city in the west of Romania. In 2008 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree and in 2010 with an MBA. She worked in client service for 1 year from 2008. From Sep 2009 she has been teaching Romanian to 7th/8th grade children. She also teaches adult education classes.

Elena wants to come to the UK to be an au pair to improve her English which in turn will create better opportunities for her teaching in the future.

Elena likes animals, watching football (she likes to watch all the games that involve her home town team, Targu Jiu), She likes to have fun and especially loves to dance – salsa as well as pop and traditional dance, fishing, reading, going out with her friends once or twice a week. She can swim. She likes cooking although she doesn’t have much of a repertoire of recipes yet.

She is occasionally smokes when out socially but is happy never to smoke in front of the children or at home.

Childcare Experience:

Elena has two years experience teaching children. She has taught children mainly aged 11 to 14 years. She feels she is like a Mother to the whole classroom – she tries to teach them right from wrong, listens to them and helps them with their problems. In her family she helps to care for her nephew about once per month. Last summer in her vacation she spent almost every day with her small nephew. Her cousin has a 5 year old daughter in Targu Jiu, another city. When she is there she takes her to the park and spends time with her. She doesn’t mind any age of children although wouldn’t like the responsibility of a baby.

Language skills:

Elena’s English is intermediate & we were able to have a reasonable conversation with only a few times I had to rephrase things. Her reading/writing is more advanced. She also speaks Spanish (Advanced) and French (Intermediate).


Elena is prepared to care for children or disabled children. Also to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), laundry, ironing, shopping for groceries, handiwork, driving and caring for pets.


Elena thinks people would say she is friendly, trustworthy, patient, and sensible. If she has a weakness it is that she is sensitive and she may shed a tear if she is really nervous. She doesn’t have any enemies at all though and is sociable with everyone. At the interview she does come over with a very warm and kind personality.


Elena likes almost any type of food, but particularly likes chicken and fish and salads.


Elena passed her driving test in May 2009 and drives once or twice each week to Deta where she teaches. She uses an Audi A4 that she shares with her fiancée.


She lives with her fiancée in a flat with another couple. She has two older brothers, the oldest is married with a 1 year old boy and he works as a vet. Her other brother (28) works for the justice ministry in Bucharest. Her parents live in Targu Jiu. Her Mum is a housekeeper and her Father is a surface coal excavation worker.


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