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Cristina M

Basic Information:

Cristina is a 25 year-old Romanian girl from Craiova. At the moment she is living alone in her own 2 room-apartment from Craiova, but she visits a lot her parents who live in a big house near the city.

She studied at the University of Foreign Languages and she specialised in English and Italian. She also has a master degree in Journalism, Communication & Mass Media. Currently she is taking a Pedagogy course because she plans to become a teacher in the future.

She works for the local government in assessment of social needs.

Cristina is available for placement after mid of June when she will finish her Pedagogy course.

She likes sports a lot, especially jogging and fitness. She tries to jog every day for at least one hour. Cristina really enjoys reading, watching movies, travelling and walking in the park. She likes spending her free time in the company of her friends enjoying a good food and a good drink rather than going to a noisy club.

She is a non-smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Four years ago, Cristina was a kindergarten teacher for 2 years. She used to supervise a group of 25 children with ages between 2 and 7 years for eight hours per day. In the mornings she used to organise all sort of learning activities with the children, after that she was supervising children having lunch and putting them to sleep for a couple of hours until their parents were coming to pick them up. She enjoyed a lot working with children, but because of her studies she couldn’t afford to have a full time job and she had to quit. She also has experience in giving English private lessons to children.

English Skills:

She speaks English very well, but she believes that she can improve her skills by coming to work in the UK. She also speaks very good Italian and basic German and French.


Cristina is prepared to care for children or older children, to do laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for children, handiwork, gardening, shopping for groceries, caring for pets and driving.


Cristina is a very optimistic, sociable and friendly person. She described herself as being independent, responsible, flexible and always with a positive attitude. She believes that her worst quality is being too trustful sometimes.


Cristina likes all types of food and she enjoys trying new dishes. She prefers Italian food and she said that she can cook very tasty pasta.


Cristina has her own car and she drives it almost daily.


Her family lives in a very big house near Craiova. They have a big garden in there where they grow vegetables and animals (chickens & pigs). Her mother (50) is an engineer and her father (54) is an architect. She has a younger brother (20) who lives at the moment in Scotland because he participates to a cultural exchange organised by the university he’s attending. He will come back to Romania in August.

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