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Cristina B

Basic Information:

Cristina is a 22 year-old Romanian girl from Resita, a small city in the south west of Romania. She has been attending the faculty of Business & Administration at the University of the West in Timisoara and is currently studying a MSc in Economics.

Cristina is interested in coming to the UK for a cultural experience. She has participated in cultural exchanges when she was at school – to Holland and France. She also spent 3 months in the USA. She would like to come to the UK and continue studying by distance learning for her MSc. After this she would like to take up a new Masters program to be a Physicians Assistant and would prefer to be based near to a city to be able to study.

Cristina likes travelling, reading – especially classics, swimming (every week), jogging & going to the cinema. In the winter she mainly reads or studies. In summer she likes to go out with friends – for trips, barbecues or shopping at the mall. She doesn’t like watching television.

She is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Cristina looked after a 6 year old girl over an 18 month period. The girl was the daughter of her neighbours. Cristina was 16 years old at the time (before she went to university). She used to pick her up from kindergarten after she finished school herself. She would make them something to eat, play games during the afternoon – usually building things with lego, drawing or reading stories. At 6pm the girl’s parents would come and take her home. She did this every day until she was doing her final studies for her school leaving exams and she had to finish this arrangement because she was busy revising and working for her exams. In the second year of university, Cristina looked after the nephew of the girl she shares an apartment with. The family needed someone to help out at various parts of the day and because at the time Cristina’s lessons were mainly in the late afternoon and evening she was able to fit this in. She used to take him to kindergarten in her car in the morning and pick him up again at 2.30pm. She would then stay with him and play games until she had to leave for university. During the summer holidays she also goes to the pool with him - she still has a good relationship with him and sees him a lot.

Language skills:

Cristina’s English is advanced and was able to talk about any subject in great detail. She also speaks intermediate Spanish and Italian (Beginner).


Cristina is prepared to care for children of any age, to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), cooking for the children, driving and caring for pets.


Cristina thinks her friends would say that she is sociable, helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. She says that if she has poor qualities it would be that she is a perfectionist, she studies too hard and is sometimes too driven (Her GPA for her BSc was 9.8).


Cristina eats most things except lamb. She eats mainly chicken, fish and enjoys vegetables and fruits. She likes hot and spicy food though she tried Indian food and didn’t like it that much. She enjoyed Australian & Mexican food when she was in the USA.


Cristina drives every day and has her own car, a Seat Ibiza. She passed her driving test in California in Oct 2008 when she was on a 3 month holiday there. She is a confident driver.


She shares a rented apartment in Timisoara with another girl. Her Mum & Dad are divorced – Her Father is 45, lives in Drobeta Turnu Severin and is an Engineer. Her Mum is 46 and has a flat in Resita and works as an Economics Counsellor.


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