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Ani U

Basic Information:

Ani is a 23 year-old Romanian girl from a small village near the town of Sighet in north west Romania. She graduated the university of Baia Mare with a bachelor’s degree in social assistance and is currently doing her master’s degree in the same discipline. She has been working as an au pair in the UK since December 2011.

She wants to be an au pair to improve her English and for the interesting experience it brings. She wants to visit new places. She has done an ESOL entry level 3 qualification but wants to continue to do her Cambridge First Certificate in English.

Ani likes visiting new places, reading, watching TV, listening to music and going out with friends. She isn’t the type to go out late to discos. For her a typical weekend evening has been going to a meet-up event in Starbucks for people from different countries to spend the evening playing games to improve their English together.

She has never smoked and rarely drinks alcohol.

Childcare Experience:

Ani has been working as an au pair for a family in Sevenoaks since December 2010. She looked after an 11 year old boy and helped the family with housework such as cleaning, ironing and cooking. In Romania she worked for some years as a volunteer with an Italian NGO. She helped with various projects that involved helping children in need. She worked in a day care centre, as well as a home for orphan children. She also made visits to the elderly. The children who attended the centre came to eat lunch and to attend to personal hygiene (shower etc). They were living in difficult families and the project helped them to experience normal life skills. The voluntary staff mainly helped with homework and recreational activities. On June 1st (national children’s day in Romania) they’d help organize a day of activities. She has also spent a lot of time with her sister’s children – her oldest sister was living at Ani’s parent’s home, with her new born son from the time he was born until he was 7 years old. Her sister and her husband lived there initially and then they were building their own house. Ani would help look after him almost every day after school, especially when her other sister’s two children also started being dropped off as well because her other sister worked during the day.

Language Skills:

Her English is intermediate. She has taken ESOL entry level 3. She speaks some basic Italian & Spanish as well as her native Romanian.


Ani is prepared to care for children, older children, light housework, laundry, ironing, shopping (Food, Groceries), cooking for children, gardening, caring for pets and cooking for the family. In her last au pair role it was orientated towards the housework side and she did most of the cleaning and housework, cooked for the family and gained a good repertoire of English, Indian and Chinese dishes.


Ani considers that she is very sociable and willing to helps others. She is trustworthy and trusting of others.


Ani passed her driving test in March 2009 but doesn’t drive very often.


Ani has three older sisters who are all married. Mariana is 33 and has a 12 year old son, Lucia is 30 and she has a 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter, finally Elena 27 who doesn’t have children yet. Her mother is a housewife and her father is retired but used to be a self-employed builder. They live in a village house that her father built and have a dog and a cat.


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