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Andreea M

Basic Information:

Andreea is a 25 year-old Romanian girl from Resita, a town in the south west of Romania. In 2009 she graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering. She worked for 3.5 years in an Italian clothing store while she was a student, was in England last year but is currently unemployed.

Andreea wants to improve her English. She has been here before (In 2010 she also worked for 6 months on a vegetable farm in Fareham, West Sussex). She likes the country and people. Improving her English will also increase her opportunities in the long term. She has no ties in Romania like a boyfriend and has lived away from home for 5 years before. She does have an exam she has to attend in Romania on March 22nd.

Andreea likes cycling, roller blading and shopping. She loves fashion from her time working in the clothes shop and really enjoyed dressing the mannequins. She also likes to listen to music, watch TV, trips to the mountains, going out with her friends (in a pub or coffee bar talking – she doesn’t like clubbing and hasn’t been dancing since the first year of university). She doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee.

She is a non smoker.

Childcare Experience:

Andreea used to take care of her cousins when she was younger. They are now aged 12, 17 and 18. The oldest two were girls – Lavinia & Anca, the youngest a boy called Adrian. In the summer months when all the children were off school and their parents were at work. They used to spend the days at her Grandparents who lived close by. Her Grandparents worked in the fields during the day though so she being the oldest used to look after her cousins. She would make them meals and play with them all day long. She did this every year until the time she went to university. She still loves cooking and likes to cook a lot – Romanian food, Italian and other international recipes. She looks at recipes and likes to try them out. Now that she has finished university and is home then she will occasionally spend a few hours looking after the children of her neighbours, but this is only once a month or so.

Language skills:

Andreea’s English is intermediate and once she had ‘warmed up’ she was able to talk about most subjects without me having to repeat questions. She also speaks intermediate French, and understands Spanish & Russian (Her Mother is Ukrainian).


Andreea is prepared to care for children of any age except babies, to undertake light housework (tidying/ vacuuming/ dusting), washing, and cooking for children and the family. She is used to housework from her time away from home as well as helping her parents. In her first year of university she also worked at a petrol station with a coffee bar/snack counter and used to bake simple foods, make coffee etc.


Andreea thinks her friends would say that she is sociable, ambitious, patient, responsible, independent, intelligent, confident and trust worthy. In England when she worked on the farm she had to get up at 4am so she thinks she is adaptable. If she has any faults she says that she is a little too meticulous at times, and that she doesn’t like to lend her things to other people so maybe her friends would say she’s a little selfish.


Andreea is happy to eat most types of food although she avoids red meat such as lamb an beef. She enjoys chicken, pork, chicken, fish & vegetables. She also likes spicy food although not too hot.


Andreea passed her driving test in July 2007 but only drives a few times a year. She will take some refresher classes before she leaves Romania to give her more experience & would also benefit from lessons after her arrival to gain confidence on UK roads.


She lives with her Mum and Dad in a flat in Resita. Her Father works in a Greengrocers. Her Mother is 48 and she is a teacher of dressmaking. She has a 20 year old brother who is currently at University in Timisoara studying Surveying.


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