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Adina Za

Basic Information:

Adina is a 26 year-old Romanian girl from Bacau who likes working with children. She lives with her parents in a flat in Bacau.

She studied Accountancy at the University of Bacau and she worked as a junior accountant in a distribution company until April 2011. Currently she is unemployed.

Adina would prefer to be placed from the beginning of June because she has some medical problems that she has to take care of before coming to the UK. She is willing to work as an Au Pair for at least one year.

She likes listening to music and reading love novels. In her free times she enjoys walking in the park or going to a party hosted by one of her friends. She also likes travelling and meeting new people. Four years ago she went in a trip through Europe and visited Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Germany.

She doesn't smoke.

Childcare Experience:

Adina has babysitting experience with her five months nephew. Two-Three days per week she is helping her sister taking care of her baby boy (playing with him, feeding him, putting him to sleep, sometimes changing his dippers). She also used to help her friend by babysitting her one year old son during week-ends when her friend need it to go in the city for shopping or to solve different issues and had nobody else with whom to leave the child.

Language Skills:

Her English is medium. She doesn't speak any other foreign language.


Irina is prepared to care for children, laundry, ironing, light housework, cooking for the whole family, shopping for groceries, caring for pets, gardening and driving. She says she is a good chef and knows mainly how to cook Romanian food. She says her Grandmother still does most of the cooking though.


Adina is a sociable and optimistic person. She believes that she is calm, patient and responsible. Her friends would say that she is the type of person that you can rely on if you have a problem.


Adina prefers healthy food. She tries to avoid eating fried food. She likes to eat vegetables, salads, boiled eggs. She doesn't like to eat meat too often.


Adina has a driving license, but she haven't been driving since six years ago.


Adina lives with her parents in a flat in Bacau. Her mother (55) is a cleaning lady in a school and her father (55) is a worker in a factory that produces pieces for the planes. She has a younger sister (25) who is married and has a five months baby.


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